Friday, November 20, 2009

life is like a rainbow end.


I used to envy people who talked nicely and softly.My wish was for a husband whose words are like music to the ears.Soft romantic music and no rock karat.

She was very beautiful and was the belle of the village.Her skin flawless with pearl like teeth.People turned twice,thrice to look at her when she passed by.She married the dear of her life.Well it was a sort of prince charming meeting the bidadari. It was years before.

Now I heard that her prince charming had taken his indonesian maid as his bride and my dear friend was left in the lurch.

I had on three more occasions wrongly predicted the path of more than lovey,mopey,dopey couples.How envious of them but their rainbows did not end drinking water in  gold bowls but had fallen in a sludge.

As for me the end of my rainbow doesnt need to fall in a golden bowl.Mangkuk palastik pun tak pa.


Contented mum

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