Sunday, November 29, 2009

journey home

At this point of writing my children as  well as thousands other mothers’ children are on their exodus home.

My dearest Lin and Aten must be on the tiring journey of more than half a day to KL and then proceeding to the east coast.

Ina and her friend leaving after Isyak must be inching their way along the  approx 600 kilometres to metropolitan KL.

This bring back memories to the days when I had to battle my journey to Tanjong Malim on the packed train.The day of express buses was not the way to travel back then in the 70’s.So just imagine even the toilet seat is good enough to rest one tired bum!

dear daughters

drive carefully and have a safe journey home.

Loving you alwaysimage



  1. My girls took 15 hours to reach Kuantan.
    10 am Kangar
    8 pm Kuala Lumpur
    1 am Kuantan!
    what a feat!
    You go girls.

  2. hahahah! and bolin could not sleep because she had redbull on our way to Gambang. :P
    LOVE YOU,mama!

  3. thats true.You can survive whatever test that comes unto you.Superwoman.