Monday, November 30, 2009

circa of 1960’s


Driving on our mission to Bandar Baharu we came across many spots that bring memories of yesteryears.

Sekolah Sultan Badlishah and Sek. Keb. Tunku Abdul Malik were the two schools that I went.Starting from year 4 ,I couldnt visualise how a frail 10 year old had to fight for a place in the bus.

When the bus made their disappearing acts ,my friends and I had to walk all the way home from Kilang lama to JPL ,a distance of nearly 8 kilometres.( or is it more?)

The sight of SBS bought clear memories of Mr. Rao our dreaded Science teacher.Being held in detention class for laughing at Miss ( forgotten the name) .Well it was the whole class!

Mr. …. who  taught science the match making way.

It was like this:

Girl,pick your boyfriend to read page …..

Boy,which girl would you like to read

and the boys were asked to donate their tang tang  for the microscope.

Our PMR science result : well that’s history.

It was FFFFFFFFF or XXXXXX!!!! Ha ha

Anyway am proud to be a Badlishan.

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