Friday, November 20, 2009


dear angry maam

Got to break my words of ending these letters but i found that i got to make another one,

You ask for explanation so you got one.

After that 26.4.2008 episode I was determined to know who you were.Who that could have wowed the menantu tak jadi just by a wink of an eye.

Was she a tudung labuh ,abuya clad ustazah who treads so lightly  as she walks and who speaks so softly that you think you have sound problem.And who doesnt swear!

well in this it world you dont have to be stalker,you dont have to tap people phone or crashed people e mail.But be a follower.Yes,i followed your nicely worded blogs.its not privatised ,isnt it?

Well after putting 2 and 2 together and patching the crossword puzzle I have this conclusion to make:

Well you not the person who fits into what the man had been searching for 4 years.Poor soul.

Now I dont have any feeling even if I see any of you.Even as near as at Ikea.

By the way,I dont maki hamun people which you should have gotten there and you didnt.

And i dont call you devil or wish that your children will grow into freaks or faggots as ………. wrote and wished you.

People didnt write this evil if we are no devil.Good Officemates indeed.

And you have lost one ardent follower.


not so angry mum

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