Thursday, October 15, 2009

jade,mother uncompared

Given the left over fish head, Jade did something peculiar.

She retreated ,making her way to the usual place with that unsual sound.

purrr purrr eh purrrrr purr eeeeeh

I saw her dropping the fish head and starting to cover it with the rag. She made movements as if it was her poo.

I was confused why had she not eaten the food instead of covering it.

I hollered to her

Jade makan. Awat dok simpan ikan tu.

She came over to the dining table. Staring blankly at me. She used that stony expression when she wanted something.

In my northern accent I asked

Jade nak apa.Oghang bagi pasai apa dok tak makan.

I threw another piece of fish to her. Picking that piece she made that queer sound again.This time louder

Puuuuurrrrr purrr eeeh. purrrr eehh

I could hear her baby kittens making noises at the backyard.

Now I came to realize what Jade wanted.

Picking the fish head I made my way to the kitchen door with Jade in tow.

As soon as she was outside ,she deposited her piece of fish purring even louder.

She watched in satisfaction when her babies started scrambling over the food.

Yet she ate none!

In retro I asked myself

Have I been that Jade for my children?

Heaven knows.

image mama where ma food. me ungry . weow

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