Thursday, August 13, 2009

sena oh sena

 sk sena

Got invited to the  majlis penyerahan buku aktiviti  sk sena at putra palace this afternoon.


The meeting got rolling with the present head of school giving a report regarding the school status as a cluster school. He spoke  wide and length ,highlighting the kebitaraan ,challenges and vision of the school.

The speech by the pengarah pelajaran was an eye awakening.Particularly when he touched on the challenges met by the admin when implementing certain changes which needs certain amount of sacrifices.


sena oh sena

Its a beautiful experience to being given a chance to know you.

Its here I put a full stop as an admin.Pencen I mean.

Its here I met with a conundrum of human wants and needs

I treasured the people who I have shared their ups and downs

Thru thick and thins

We gave Sena a name.


Maaf jua dipohon

Andai bicara tak secantik bahasa

Tiada niat terselit dimana

Mencurah bakti selagi ada .Terima kasih sekali lagi

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