Wednesday, August 12, 2009

oghang kedah ka


Way back in 1973 a sempoi young woman was posted to the outback of Selangor. She’s never been anywhere except for Penang for her course.

So this young unassuming lady of twenty,accompanied by her parents presented herself to the school.

The next day class started. Her first lesson was p.e.She gathered the children at the field and commanded  “ Laghi Bebaih ! Laghi !

The children stood still. The teacher hollered Laghi. Tapi budak budak tu tak laghi jugak.

Suddenly one smart lad shouted. Punggah!!! The boys ran helter skelter while the girls giggles uncontrollably. The teacher learned her first lesson.

Later she asked one of her housemate

Noi mai sat gughuih . Well depa bagi beghuih. The young teacher learned her second lesson.

Well the lady was me with my thick Kedahan accent posted to a predominantly Jawanese settlement.


Until today,my children did wonder at some of the terms and slang /dialect their mother utters

Consider this.

Lempiang. Tawaq hebiaq. Biaq pi la no

Ask olin if you want more.


  1. hahahaha! aten pun tak paham kadang2 mama cakap.
    panas lit lit aih arini.haha

  2. lapaq hap hap! that one is a really funny statement.haha