Monday, August 10, 2009

just write mum


It must be over 2 months since I last penned my thoughts. I wouldnt know why I chicken out. I felt like I am exposing my self ,my thought for all and sundry.
Olin was persuasive when she last came back. Mum why arent you writing anymore? she queried.
Well at last here I am. After blog hopping and hogging I last found out that most bloggers were young and techno savvy.Seriously I hardly came across bloggers who categorically fall into my age and interest group.
My mission in penning this poor blog of mine is as a reminiscence of the yesteryears. Maybe a little dash of todays and a sprinkle of tomorrows.Maybe when I am gone my children could still remember the ups and downs that we have endured and achieved.I hope my children could cherish the beautiful memories and learn from the broken pieces.
So brace yourself for the homecoming !

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  1. oh they r people in ur age who actually write blog.i give u the link later kay