Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Hei dello

dell dell remarkable twin

A sharp piercing cry jolted me in the still of the night.Hurriedly got out of bed and searched for the source of that morbid sound.Cant believe my eyes! It was Dell and one of the little babies.

Dell was tossing and kicking the baby as if it was a mouse.Poor little kitten could do nothing but to wail as loud as it could.

Jade join in the foray as if scolding Dell of its mischief.M0k who was lying on the floor came to see what the commotion was about.

Ha ha it was as if I’m watching a family drama.Dell realising his foolishness let go of the baby and coyly retreated to his domain by the door.He curled into a circle .His eyes still eyeing the babies for the next round of circus act.

Hei dello,do you think your brother is a rubber ball?


  1. bad boi,bad boi!
    Do u want me to smack you into next Thursday?

  2. Dello ni ingat dia masih baby. Selalu berebut nak hisap nenen Jade. mama halau kalau nampak. Kesian kat the 4 babies.

  3. jahat btol dell nih.tapi cute plak gambaq dia.hehe