Monday, August 10, 2009



With 32 deaths to date , h1n1 or the dreaded swine flu has claimed , fear crept into my heart for the safety of the my family.With the children away from home I could only pray for their safety .Hope they take the necessary precautions that had been laid down.

BUT do have these considered too:

  • cut down on the hours on the computer.
  • eat healthy food
  • drink a lot of plain water.
  • sleep well and sleep early
  • dont go out unnecessarily.


To ina and wen in kl

To olin in Pahang

To aten in brisbane…….take care.

mama love you you , you and you!


As for h2n2 ……

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  1. will try to take the necessary precautions as mentioned by the gov and WHO and's ur deep love and care that keeps me u more n more!!!