Wednesday, July 1, 2009

kindness of strangers


This a real experience of mine  .I would like to recall them after reading an article in Reader Digest .

I had played driver to my in laws and children that morning.We went shopping at Bukit Kayu Hitam.. It was the first time I plucked courage to drive that far.


After shopping and stopping at Han’s house we made our way home.Suddenly came the cluck,cluck sound from nowhere.


Cerek mak kut,’ said my mum in law.She had bought a few utensils …a pot,frying pan and a kettle. But the clucking had grown to clunking. I immediately stop by the roadside.It couldnt be the kettle! The engine was roaring like a motorboat

Dear Pak Saad and I got down to check .To our horror ,the exhaust pipe was halfway on the ground.Thus the clucking and the clanking.

We tried to find something to remedy the situation.Our predicament caught the attention of a few soldiers manning the roadblock nearby.Few came to ask and suggest some solutions.But a man in uniform,threw a piece of plastic/raincoat ,crawled under the car and tied a piece of wire to secure the broken exhaust temporarily in place.

I glanced at his name tag. He was Mr. Goh!There were many Malay soldiers there – but the man who came to our rescue was a Chinese. Thank you Mr, Goh.


With the exhaust in place we made our way slowly to Changlun. Alas ! all the workshops were closed. It was a Friday! As an alternative we bought a few rolls of tape and a young gentleman was kind enough to fix for us. I came to know that he was a student at the local uni. Kudos to you young man.


We made our home safely. The 40 or so kilometres ride was not a quiet one.We announced our arrival with the loudest of fanfare.

Prom prom promp  pomp pomp pom !!!!!!!!!!.



images ni masa vw tu . Yang buat hal ni is my 1st car – Daihatsu Charade.

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