Sunday, July 5, 2009

happy birthday eenasan.

Happy bday to you
happy bday to you   
happy bday to you dear eena
happy bday to you

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cute kan

Darling daughter turned …… today. Being unable to wish her personally ,I rang her up a little  past midnight. She seemed  chirpy as ever.
Dearest daughter had a charming personality ,witty and we had beautiful memories of her when she was small. Schooled in her hometown during the primary years, she was however bundled off to a prestigious all girl boarding school in the capital . Her tertiary education was completed at UPM later on.
Eenasan ,
On your bday today mama wishes you prosperous years ahead.You have stood the test more than others had and I salute you for the grit and determination . Indeed you won the award ‘Rising Star’ not without reason.
On another note, still couldnt get over those cute photos of yours especially during your baby and younger days.You still are cute – truly.
Happy birthday darling ina.Love you through thicks and thins .Love you too thru ups n downs.

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