Sunday, June 28, 2009


What should I record today? Nothing caught my eyes or my interest. - until this pair of eyes stared innocently at me .

- for the last few months this god send being has been the joy of my life.
As I’m writing this very moment ,little Dell is playing antics with the box of tissue paper.Like his long gone brother - Toi who is fond of shredding tissues to pieces.
Dell is the third child of Jade,who has a story of her own.
How does Dell got its name? from the computer, baby
Jade made her nest in the computer box when delivering her baby. Thus Jade’s baby was named DELL!
Jade got her name from masjid
Jid ………> Jade
Toi from the Af 6 contestant and his twisted tail ……Kentoi.
Tam for being hitam.
Mok for gemok which he is.Mummy for being caring.Che Ah for merah. and NEN which I couldnt figure out why.
Darling Nen ,the first cat that makes our home its home. You mischievous cute little darling. We miss you.


  1. Dear Mommy,
    loved and will always do love reading your posts.


  2. welcome to the blogworld my dear mama.hehehe