Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Jade, mummy dearest

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Jade is constantly vying for my attention.Streching her paws across the table she watched my actions intently.One of her eyes was damaged as the colour of the cornea seemed abnormal.
Jade came into the family by chance. Cik Ley had borrowed my MPV to the mosque that day. When he returned, we could hear the sound of a kitten wailing. We searched high and low but to no avail.It was Ina who detected the source of the pathetic cries. A small grey kitten had lodged itself in one part of the engine compartment. We took the kitten in,nursed it and named her MASJID.
Thus JID @ Jade made herself welcomed into Cik Ley’s family.
Jade attached herself to me in particular. As a kitten it never miss a chance to crawl onto me when I rest.A wave of my hand would make her running towards me. She would answer in her own peculiar way if I doodle her.
Me: Jade nak makan
Jade : mew
Me: mana baby?
Jade : purr purrr
Me : Jade baik
Jade : he he he
Jade had her first baby a few years back. Being a 1st time mom,she somewhat pleaded me to be her midwife. I couldnt forget the look in her eyes that moment. Her 2nd and 3rd delivery was smooth and I didnt even know. But none of her offsprings survived.
Her second birth was to baby Toi. Alas Toi only gave us happiness and joy for a short term. He was gone much to Cik Ley’s grief.
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Dell ,is now into Mok

Baby Dell was the latest addition. Being hyperactive, he was aloof and ever ready to have a bite when teased .
Above all Jade was a mummy none could compared. Her love. Her care and her sacrifice are a notch above others. I salute you Jade .


  1. feels like cryin lak ingatkan toi

  2. abah cried the most when toi lay motionless on the floor.